Halloween Throw Blankets ideas

25 of the Best Halloween Throw Blankets

Autumn is approaching and so is the cooler weather; its time to start getting cozy again under a nice warm and fuzzy blanket. Here are 25 of the Best Halloween themed throw blankets for you to cozy up with this Halloween from a variety of talented artists on society 6.

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OMG I Finally Did It!

So for years I’ve heard using videos helps build you online audience; however I’ve always hated public speaking … even worse talking to a camera not a person, so I kept putting it off.

…guess what? It didn’t kill me lol I guess the old saying is true… sometimes we make mountains out of mole hills.

I would really love your feedback on it!

This is my very first video to document my fluid paint pours. I’ve been working with the acrylic paints for a few months now and I found that I really like creating them and my techniques are getting better. I chose to document this particular pour because it is my first commissioned piece of artwork…small steps to building my audience. My client found some of my other pours as wall murals and asked if I could create a custom piece for her. It’s going to be printed on the same vinyl material as the wall murals however, my client is going to hang it on the ceiling…which I think it so cool…hopefully when she has it installed she will take pictures of it for us. There will be 1-2 more videos based off of this one so please, if you found this to be interesting and would like to see the end result please subscribe. …and of course please leave me some feedback.

September Landscape Photography Wall Ar Raffle Prize

September Wall Art Raffle Has Begun

I’m slightly delayed this month but it is finally up and running… and we’ve notified our winner from last month and looking forward to hearing back from them soon. Check out this months wall art print that you could win.


8″ x 10″ Landscape Photo Print “Dreams of Goldenrod and Fog” in a 11″ x 14″ Frame and Mat Raffle Ends 09/30/2018

September Landscape Photography Wall Ar Raffle Prize

enter nature photography and landscape photography wall art print raffle

Raffle ends 9/30/2018 midnight EST

While your there, check out our Nature Photography Gallery and Landscape Photography Gallery.

Meet Our Previous Winners

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OMG These Are So Damn Cool

I’m so intrigued by these…. I went to my best friends house last night to hang out and he husband, who is a gadget guy, just recently purchased this virtual reality headset. I’m not much for gadgets So I’m like “oh wow Rich those are neat” in my not so interested voice. He insisted I try it out with this game he had…so cool…I’m hooked… it was so much fun!! These are totally on my “I Can’t Live Without” Wish List lol!

Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

12 Beautiful Gingham Patterns Home Decor

Is your home or office a one-dimensional decorated spaces? Meaning, uniformly bland painted walls like you see in an elementary school or high school, or the boring and unappealing walls of a hospitals. We all know the reason schools and hospitals are painted this way, to avoid drawing attention away from studying, focusing on other things or relaxing your brain. However, painting your home this way may be a bad idea for so many reasons. We all spend a good amount of time in our homes and of course we all want our homes to be a place of relaxation however, we also need our homes to show our personality. If you have solid colored wall and need a quick fix add some patterns to your textiles. Some thing as simple as adding throw pillows could change the look and feel of the room in a matter of seconds. Here are 12 Gingham patterns that I found interesting. Each photo is directed back to the arts who create them.

Moroccan Dice Throw Pillow by David Kent Collections

Moroccan Dice by David Kent Collections

Olive Green Gingham Throw Pillow by Melissa Fague

Olive Green Gingham by Melissa Fague

4th of July Skinny Gingham Throw Pillow by Anne LaFollette

4th of July Skinny Gingham by Anne LaFollette

Blue Vichy by SEAFOAM12

Blue Vichy by SEAFOAM12

Spoiled Grid Throw Pillow by Bitart

Spoiled Grid by Bitart

Very Berry Gingham by C'EST LA VIV

Very Berry Gingham by C’EST LA VIV

Watercolor doodle gingham - yellow Throw Pillow by: Angela Minca

Watercolor Doodle Gingham – Yellow by: Angela Minca

AFE Tartan Pattern 2 by AFE Images (Amalia Ferreira-Espinoza)

AFE Tartan Pattern 2 by AFE Images (Amalia Ferreira-Espinoza)

Panted Gingham - Mint Throw Pillow by Jess Phoenix

Panted Gingham – Mint by Jess Phoenix