In The Beginning – How My Photographic Journey Began

MeI am a nature and landscape photographer, not a writer so I have been having the worst; I mean absolute worst time getting information onto my blog. I know the importance in building a web presence but I am having trouble building up the motivation to sit down and to write out articles. Once I do I normally scrap the idea because it seems odd for me to write about photographic techniques. Most of the photographic blog sites that I have explored all take a teaching approach to help others learn the trade and I have learned a lot in the short amount of time that I have been exploring the art of photography. However, I do not feel that my skills or my knowledge is strong enough to take the same approach as other photographers; especially since I have to look techniques up still. There are so many setting on a digital camera, so many different techniques that can be used creatively and so many different elements that go into creating a photograph that it can be very overwhelming just to learn; let alone to write about in an informative manner without regurgitating what someone else has already said.

So one day I was brainstorming trying to find something that I would be able to write about confidently and constantly; I came up with one thing…my story. No one knows more about my photographic journey than I do, why not share what I have achieved so far and where I would like my journey to go…heck why not laugh at myself and share all the rookie moves and pitfalls that I have encountered too. There are so many wonderful blogs, eBooks, videos, and webinars out there created by professional photographers with way more experience than I have at this point, why shouldn’t I take a different approach than they are.

However, I do not want to just focus on photography itself, I would like to share how I was inspired and why I am so motivated to learn the craft. Those that have been following me on Facebook and other social media sites have had the opportunity to read a small part of my story. Over the past two years I have been receiving messages from people thanking me for sharing my story and telling me how they can relate to what I have endured over the past 5 years of my journey. I believe that my story will not only benefit other amateur/professional photographers but I feel that it could be inspirational to anyone going through a rough time in their life, anyone who is starting life over, or someone who is afraid to take the steps to invest in themselves. My goal is to give hope and encouragement to anyone willing to accept it. It took having my livelihood being taken away for me to realize just how strong I am as a person, a mom, a friend, and a lover.

The Beginning of My Journey

My entire life’s goal growing up was to travel the world and see as many places as I could. I didn’t care if I had to hitchhike my way across the US or become a stowaway on a ship I was going to see the world; thankfully as I grew my dreams of being a vagabond changed. My goal evolved during high school, after high school I was enlisting in the Air Force for communications. By doing so, I would still get an education as well as have the ability to see different parts of the world while getting paid… and without smelling like armpit or having to hitchhike….seemed like a win win to me.

However, I became pregnant with my son at the age of 19 and my daughter at the age of 21. Once I chose to have my son the Air Force was not an option for me because I was a single parent. After I had my daughter a few years later I never felt like I had the time to go back to school; so education, travel, and a career ended up being one of those back burner things of life. I ended up working in retail management and the hospitality industry up to the day of my car accident. Honestly, they were good jobs and financially we were okay but we were neither established nor were either of those jobs for me; they simply fulfilled a need. I worked hard for everything we had and I do not regret anything about my life but I fell into a rut.

When the accident happened, I was extremely happy to be alive but I knew that I was going to be devastated financially, physically, and emotionally very quickly; after speaking to the first few doctors in the preceding days I knew that the devastation was going to last a while.

The Aftermath


4 thoughts on “In The Beginning – How My Photographic Journey Began

  1. victoriadougherty

    This is wonderful, but I would also say – don’t be afraid to just post your photos. Sometimes words aren’t necessary. Maybe a thought or two, if you’re so inspired or maybe not. And BTW, thanks for following me on Cold 🙂

  2. Monica Sawyn

    I like your decision to talk about your own photo journey, your own photo stories. Only YOU are the expert on your own life, even if you don’t feel you’re an expert in photography. I’ve been a newspaper reporter/photographer my whole life, and while I do know something about technique, I consider myself a neophyte compared to people like Ken Rockwell, who writes a terrific blog that includes a lot of technical stuff. When I was asked to write about outdoor photography for an outdoor site, I hesitated, because I still shoot by the seat of my pants (sometimes literally). So, instead of posing as an expert, I just talked about my forays into into the world, camera in hand, and about what made things easier or harder. People always like personal stories, I think, as long a we don’t get too narcissistic. I enjoyed this. I don’t often follow other bloggers because I don’t have time for all the reading, but I’ll follow you. 🙂

  3. dweezer19

    Great story. There are enough technical blogs about photography. I am no expert either. That is why my photos are usually coupked with poetry. What I always have been, is a writer. But I am bot technical. I would be hard pressed to tell you how I took an excellent shot. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Coxcrows

    I’m the worst for following other blogger’s work. But, receiving feedback from you naturally motivated me to check out your site. And I am so impressed with the quality of your photographs (in particular, your macro/close up work and your long exposures; the shot of the abandoned lighthouse base is exquisite :-). As another commenter already implied, your images are really enough. I’d recommend you simply offer an introductory paragraph or two, and then caption your photographs. They “speak volumes.” Thanks for taking the time to view my site!

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