Growth through Experimentation – Photography 101

Growth through Experimentation

This is an abstract night photograph of the Reading Hill Top Pagoda in Reading Pa. The zoomed effect was created using a long shutter speed and rotating the camera lens slowly out. Title: Abstract Reading Pagoda Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Abstract Night Photography Item ID# ABS-6001
Abstract Reading Pagoda – Created By: Melissa Fague – Abstract Photography

We have achieved nothing in life without a little experimentation. Photography is no different from learning a skill like walking and balance, or the art of communication. The only way to be a better photographer is to continue to learn about your camera, photographic techniques, what you desire to photograph most, and then go out for practice sessions regularly.  Remember, Da Vinci did not create the Mona Lisa during his first attempt at painting and neither will you in any field. In my opinion the exploration of photography and the journey of defining my photographic voice is what keeps things interesting.

Here are a few topics to look into if you’re looking to try something new…Long exposures, zoom effects, different angles and perspectives, Day and Night, symmetry, breaking the symmetry, selective focus, wide DoF, shallow DoF, B&W processing, utilizing shadows, capturing scale and proportion….the list can go on. Work a specific technique for a while until you feel you have a solid understanding…then move on to another technique or self challenge…..Happy Shooting!!!

P.S. If you’re heading outdoors for nature shoots utilize the sunblock and bug spray that’s in you medicine cabinet ;)!