Capture the Small Details – Photography 101

Capture the Small Details

Soft Focus Iris Petals is a macros (close-up) nature photograph that focuses on the delicate edge of a section of purple petals in the center of an Iris bloom. Title: Soft Focus Iris Petals Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Nature Photography Are you an Etsy Fan? This image is also available on Etsy; Gift Cards are accepted.
Soft Focus Iris Petals– Created by: Melissa Fague – Nature Photography

Sometimes, it’s in the smallest of details of the subject that truly reveal the shear beauty the world has to offer. Don’t rush to produce a photograph; observe your scenes minutely and keep your eyes open for details that would otherwise go unnoticed by the hustle of normal life. Whether it’s the wondrous smile of a child or a flower petal revealing it’s masterful curls, the opportunity can come in any form. Be patient and observant; you will be rewarded with unique photographs.