Looking For Artistic Contributors

preview of newsletterI have been working on creating a monthly newsletter for visual arts but I do not want the focus of the newsletter to be all about my work. I believe the power of photography and collaboration can change the world; I would like to share other people’s journeys and work as well as my own. You do not need to be a professional photographer to submit information for the newsletter.  The information collected may also be used in the blog.

I am currently looking for contributors for the following information:

  1. Featured stories about photography and other visual arts. (interesting blog article or tutorials you wrote)
  2. Upcoming contests – photo or art
  3. Upcoming exhibits
  4. Community involvement (must be a non-profit project)
  5. Artist showcasing (you can submit your own work or nominate someone else, I will contact them for permission if selected)
  6. Quick tips about art and photography

For more information about the newsletter and submissions please visit PIPA Fine Art . I have a template with a description of each section as well as how to make submissions on my website.