Explore the Area of Interest- Nature Photography 101

Explore the Area of Interest

Example of Suncal

Researching an area before your arrival could save you a lot of time, effort and frustration. It doesn’t matter if your shoot is for a self-assignment or for a vacation, be sure to read up on the place you are going to visit.This will give you a good idea of what the location has to offer and where you might want to spend most of your time. Most places nowadays have guidebooks, websites, and photo galleries from past visitors. Once I explore those items I use are Google Maps and Google Earth to get an aerial view of the location. Lighting is a huge concern as well, I like to check the weather and use a site called SunCal, it helps calculate the suns position of your location based on date and time of day. There are also some really handy phone apps that you can install on your phone for on site calculations.

Once you are there, spend some time exploring the area on foot to make sure you’re getting the best view points of the subject(s). Finally, even though you research an area be on alert for the unexpected and be ready to grab any opportunity that may come your way. Go prepared with all the gear you will need like a tripod, external flash, polarizing filter, rain gear, batteries, etc…. happy shooting!!