Narrowing Down a Field of Photography – How My Photographic Journey Began

Having to narrowing down a photographic field completely boggled my mind for a very long time when I first started exploring photography. There are many different fields of photography that a person can enter into; each one of them with their own rewards and challenges. Because of the car accident I read about a lot of the photographic fields before I was physically able to explore them, so the thought of selecting a few fields did not appeal to me at first….plus I’m the type that tries to take on the world. My problem was I found something interesting within all of the photographic fields…and yes, when I first started the business I tried to market and push for all of them. I quickly found out few things.

Being too diverse is not beneficial in photography; it is impossible to be a master in all the fields of photography. It is best to be a master in one or two than mediocre in all of them. I’m not saying do not try them, I think everyone should explore all of the option but specialize in only a few; this will allow you to form a niche.

Envision your future in photography. When trying the different fields out if a particular type of photograph shoot feels like it’s becoming a burden than its more than likely not the field of photography you should get into. Even though I find something interesting about all of the photographic fields, I do not see myself working in most of those fields on a daily basis. Furthermore, I do not see myself staying motivated and being happy doing them all for the rest of my life.

The photographic field of choice should not be based on finances. For example wedding photography is a huge market with the potential to make a lot of money but it takes a special kind of person to fulfill the photographic needs of a couple’s engagement and/or wedding. Do your homework, research what other photographers in the area are doing in that particular field. Look for photography clubs or groups in your area and talk to the members and ask them about their experience in their fields, they will more than likely tell you.

I looked at all of these fields of photography and evaluated my experience in them all; the only fields that I would never retire from are nature and wildlife photography. The experiences that I’ve had have made me the happiest and inspire me to learn more about the world around me. With nature photography, landscape photography, and wildlife photography I have the ability to create images for documentary purposes as well as for artistic purposes.  I can sell the documentary images to stock agencies or editorial work. The artistic side of it allows me to sell my images either on my own or through a gallery such as Xanadu. I have the ability to learn about different species of animals, different elements in nature and how they may interact with each other…not to mention the subject matter is endless.

Thank you for reading, next week will be about my experiences with Building a Brand.

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