Using Your Grounds – Photography 101

A beautiful landscape photograph of the rippled sandbars that were visible at low tide at Cape Henlopen State Park during sunset. This image won second place in the Delaware Beach Life Photo contest and was on published in the Oct 2013 edition of Delaware Beach Life Magazine.  Title: Sandbars Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Landscape Photography
Sandbars – Created by: Melissa Fague – Landscape Photography

Landscape photographs can range between awe inspiring with layers of depth to flat as a board. The chose is really up to the photographer on how he or she wants to display the scene. But for most individuals their landscape photographs seem to go flat and lack the same emotional appeal as the original scene did for them. This could happen for several reason, today we will discuss using layers of our foreground, middle and background to create a more three dimensional scene in your photograph.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out however; using these different layers is usually forgotten because a lot of photographers often place too much focus on just one of the elements of the scene. Our eyes have an almost 180 degree field of view however; our conscious mind only focuses on about 20% of our field of view. When we take a quick photograph of a scene that 20% is usually what we photograph, leaving out the other 80% that our sub-conscious mind still register about the scene. This tends to flatten the scene once it’s photographed and the flare is gone.

Be mindful of the other elements that are around you, try to add elements from the foreground, middle and background.

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