A Word a Week Challenge – transport

Harley in the Rain

Harley in the Rain created by Melissa Fague – Black and White Photography

Reflection on Classic Car

Reflection on Classic Car created by: Melissa Fague – Street Photography

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Transport

3 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge – transport

  1. meticulousmick

    Stunning images Melissa, FINE ART photography indeed. I just popped over, having seen your decision to follow my humble blog. I will be back to read more of your posts (have a dog that needs walking right now), but from the little I have seen I am very impressed and inspired by what I see here. Fantastic stuff. Will be back again, but in the meantime here is a very well earned follow, MM

  2. milfordstreet

    The last shot, Reflections, is excellent. There is a lot going on there and you capture it all so well. It really made me pause to look at it more closely. Great post.

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