What a week!

There is so much happening this week that I can not begin to express my happiness. This week I found out that two photo stock agencies have accepted me as a contributor. A selection of my images are now available on Shutterstock and Dreamstime to be licensed for commercial use. That is a total of three agencies that I am working with now. More images will be added to them all over the next few weeks. The second bit of fabulous news is one of my photos is being published in Photographer’s Forum’s “Best of Photography 2014” table top book; this will be my first photograph to be published in a book.

Motion of the Ocean Landscape photograph created by Melissa Fague from PI Photography and Fine Art

Motion of the Ocean created by: Melissa Fague – Landscape Photography

The best part of the week was the moment I told my teenage son and daughter of my achievements and the look of pride that they had on their face for me. I will never forget that moment; I was so moved by the moment that I broke out into uncontrollable tears of joy. We have been through so much since my car accident, being able to show my children that hard work, no matter what you are being faced with, does pay off…and it is an absolutely priceless feeling.

…and I couldn’t have timed this post any better if I tried for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette 


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84 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Vicki


    There are so many images in the stock agency files these days, that to be accepted as a new contributor is high praise indeed.
    Your images are beautiful and very well executed too.

    I can well imagine how thrilling this is for you.

  2. PIPA Fine Art

    Hi Vicki, thank you for stopping by my post and for your kind words. I am overjoyed by the news but I too noticed the massive amount of images on the sites so I’ll just watch how things perform for a while…but in all honesty if the royalties covers the cost of the next adventure than that is a plus in my book ;). Best wishes to you!

  3. Jon Fague Sr.

    You have worked very hard at this new venture for you in your life and the life of your children. It’s time things start going your way. You have a very keen eye for detail and know how to present it properly. I’m So proud of you !!! Keep up the great work. xoxo Dad

  4. jmeyersforeman

    hi, love your image, your blog and your excitement. it is lovely when things go well, and I hope that things continue to go well for you and your photography. Thanks for visiting my blog, otherwise I might not have found your wonderful work. cheers

  5. mehrlich125

    Congrats on your achievements and thanks for the follow! Your work is lovely. I just had my first watercolor accepted into a juried show so I can relate to your excitement. I wish continued good things for you. Marian

  6. neuroticocomic

    Congrats on the agencies you are working with. This is a big deal-and a great deal! I absolutely love the beach image on this page. You managed to get all the sky detail (moon stars) the beach, and a great effect on the waves. Great job! Also, thanks for following my blog. I will be back to look at more of your images after I finish my work today. 🙂

  7. patricia

    Way to go! What a wonderful way to share your gift with the world through major companies and your fine contribution to a tabletop book. Thank you also for following my blog. 🙂

  8. imaginenewdesigns12

    Thank you for liking “Nature’s Halloween Garden.” Congratulations! 🙂 Your beautiful photos will make great stock photography, and your one photo will be a nice addition to the Photographer’s Forum’s “Best of Photography 2014″ table top book.

  9. emmalmoore

    Congratulations on your accomplishments. You not only inspired your children but I’m sure you’ve inspired many of us to springboard off adversity into our expected end. Thanks for following my blog. I will be following yours because I believe I can learn some photography tips from you. Blessings.

  10. dbp49

    Congratulations on a great week and some awesome accomplishments. I’ll be looking forward to many more in the future. Thanks for the like and the follow.

  11. lucinda408

    Thank you for the follow, I agree with you regarding hard work and would like to add that positiveness can only bring out positiveness ! Congrats with your achievement!

  12. JessicaM

    Congratulations – you clearly deserve it. Your photos are amazing, I hope one day that mine will be as good.

  13. Dr. Rex

    On another note .. thanks for stopping by “It Is What It Is” and the follow. I hope you enjoy your visits there. Peace ….. 🙂

  14. aussiebirder

    You are truly inspiring to me, and a remarkable woman,Richest Blessings to you in your new career and latest achievement. I was greatly touched by your blog… thanks

  15. sporterhall

    Hello! How awesome. Congratulations on your many accomplishments! There is truly nothing better than when your kids are proud of what we do as parents. If no one else ever acknowledges what parents do, that’s okay because it’s the acknowledgement from our kids that count! Thank you for visiting my blog and following. I am now following you also and can’t wait to get better acquainted with your photo-fabulous blog! Have a great evening! 🙂

  16. PIPA Fine Art

    Thank you Sporterhall, I appreciate you stopping by and your kind words. I really liked your blog as well, I look forward to seeing more! Have a great day! I use to live in New York as a child, your photos of Watkins Glenn brought back some fond memories and it reminded me that I really need to get back up there soon!

  17. sporterhall

    You’re welcome and I’m glad you like my blog as well. Yes, those Watkins Glenn photos are compliments of my fellow blogger friend Justin. He brings life to anything in front of his camera lens. Take care!

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