Brilliant Yellow

Framed Nature Photograph by Melissa Fague from PI Photography and Fine Art - Delaware Photographer

I am so welcoming the fall season. This is one of my favorite times of the year because of all the beautiful colors that start to appear, the bonfires that we will have, tee-shirt wearing days and hoodie wearing night under the stars….and who can forget pumpkin pie…fall the perfect time of year! Brilliant Yellow is a very simple image that emphasizes the bold yellow hue of the leaf. This image was created in my front yard, I used a single remote flash to back light the leaf.

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1 thought on “Brilliant Yellow

  1. t5emma

    One of the pretties times of the year, we can’t wait to get out with the cameras here too.. Look forward to sharing our pictures and seeing yours too, from Ebor Images, York, UK 😊

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