Fall Path

Fall Path Photographed by Melissa Fague - Landscape Photography

Fall Path Photographed by Melissa Fague – Landscape Photography

I created this photograph because I loved the uniform color of the leaves and the subtle shadows that the trees cast along the roadway. Fall path was created on the grounds of Hagley museum located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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6 thoughts on “Fall Path

    1. PIPA Fine Art

      Hi David, They are actually created through my website/hosting company then I create a screenshot of it. The theory is for people see the photos as art to hang instead of just a photo on the computer screen. I am hosted on Zenfolio; the frames are available for purchase so people can pick the style of frame, it populates the selected photo into the frame in the shopping cart area of the website so they can see it before they purchase. If you would like to check out the platform http://www.zenfolio.com/?refcode=MK8-96X-9WV. Hope that helps.

      1. davidoakesimages

        I suspected that was the case but was hopeful of finding a piece of Software that I could be independently. Web searches produce what are best described as ‘kiddy’ programmes. I will keep searching. Thanks for the quick response it is appreciated. Best wishes

        1. PIPA Fine Art

          If you have photoshop you could do it using layer masks but it may be a little time consuming. That route was my first thought when I wanting to implement the photographs in frames. Good luck to you!

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