Japanese Azalea

Japanese Azalea Photographed by Melissa Fague - Nature Photography

Japanese Azalea Photographed by Melissa Fague – Nature Photography

This Japanese Azalea was photographed in the gardens of Winterthur Museum located in Wilmington Delaware; it is a close-up of the delicate stigmas of the bloom.

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9 thoughts on “Japanese Azalea

  1. swo8

    It looks somewhat like my Asian Lilies. I don’t think the Azaleas have a scent. The Asian Lilies have a heavenly scent.

    1. PIPA Fine Art

      Hi Leslie, I don’t recall an aroma coming from them but when I go up in the spring I’ll make it a point to smell them. Thanks for stopping by again, have a great day! – Melissa

  2. ikhaskins

    i’m not looking to buy anybody else’s work. I’m not interested in giving my opinion about anybody else’s work. All I care to do is sell my own paintings. N I don’t have my site ready to post my paintings yet.

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