Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten Port Mahon Lighthouse

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Cloudy Sunrise at Port Mahon Lighthouse is a landscape photograph taken in the early morning hours at the site of the ruins of the Port Mahon Lighthouse. The remains were photographed using a long shutter speed in order to capture the waters movement and to slowly brighten the sky. Colors of the image are several shades of pale blues, pinks, yellow and dark brown. Title: Cloudy Sunrise at Port Mahon Lighthouse Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Landscape PhotographyThe Port Mahon lighthouse was once a 2 story wooden structure that was built on the bank of the river on top of screwpiles which allowed the tide to pass under the lighthouse. Like the previous four lighthouses in the Port Mahon this lighthouse had a short lived life. This lighthouse was only active for 46 years; the light was deactivated in 1949 because of the rapid rate of erosion of the shore line; Port Mahon Lighthouse was condemned in 1955 and was left to slowly rot away until a fire consumed the remaining wooden remnants of the once beautiful structure in 1984. All that remains today is the steel pillars (screwpiles) and a pile of bricks lying in the river that was once a fireplace.

port_mahon port_mahon_lighthouse_and_residents

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