My New Shoot Location…The Vogel House

I finally found my shoot location, I have been searching for this place for weeks but I haven’t had much luck until today. The only address I found on the internet was completely wrong so it took a while to find this place. This is the Vogel House, it was an early 1900 Plant Nursery in Townsend Delaware. These are just reference photos, I will need to obtain permission to do the shoot that I have in mind.

Vogel_Ref_photo-2Vogel_Ref_photo-3Vogel_Ref_photo-1 Vogel_Ref_photo-6 Vogel_Ref_photo-8 Vogel_Ref_photo-4 Vogel_Ref_photo-5  Vogel_Ref_photo-7  Vogel_Ref_photo-9 Vogel_Ref_photo-10 Vogel_Ref_photo-11 Vogel_Ref_photo-12

34 thoughts on “My New Shoot Location…The Vogel House

  1. Rekha

    Thanks for the follow. Liked your pictures. How did you find me? The old nursery with cemetery looks deserted and spooky 🙂

  2. tylowery

    These photos are awesome, just by themselves. I hope you get permission to shoot there. The photos will be awesome, for sure. It’s a shame that such a beautiful place is abandoned, but perhaps it’ll be reborn through your art.

    1. PIPA Fine Art

      Thank you Ty for the stopping by and for the feedback, it is appreciated. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing more of your writings in my feed.

  3. mvobsession

    Think of the secrets and stories this house holds. I love your photos of it, hope you get the permission you need .

  4. maria

    I hope you get permission too. It looks like a great photo essay. Also sounds like there will be more to discover…..

  5. dunelight

    What was the tower for? Too short to be a shot tower…odd for a looks like a bell tower from some lighthouses that I have seen. It is an interesting farm/nursery. It should be great fun for a shoot.

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