Did You know…Kolorkins

Did you know…

Back in 1990s, Kodak used colorful cuddly collectible toys to promote their brand in the effort to get kids into photography more. They toys were called Kolorkins…I’m pretty sure this was the same time period of the Domino’s Noid…Did weird looking characters really help sell products?

For other odd ball pieces of photographic information (potentially useless but still fun), check out the Did you Know and Quotes Categories of my page. I will be posting one or two a week.

To all the shutterbugs…Happy Shooting!

2 thoughts on “Did You know…Kolorkins

  1. pererikberglund

    Kodak was a huge company. When time for Christmas, in Sweden, they invited all photographers for “julbord” on the white ferries travelling in the archipelago outside Stockholm. They also sponsored journeys SFF, Swedish Photographers Asc., made. I went on one journey to New York, Chikago and Las Vegas with them. Film was big business.

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