Photography Quote of the Week – Ansel Adams 7

Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”
― Ansel Adams

3 thoughts on “Photography Quote of the Week – Ansel Adams 7

  1. Ronald E. Shields

    I guess when your name is Ansel Adams you can make and break any rules you please. At one time in my life…many years ago…I worked very diligently to become a photographer like Ansel Adams. He was my hero and mentor.

    I am enjoying browsing your photographs…very nice indeed.

  2. Ronald E. Shields

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    “I hope that my work will encourage self expression in others and stimulate the search for beauty and creative excitement in the great world around us.”—Ansel Adams

    Check out the amazing photographs at the PIPA Fine Art website…

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