Did You Know…Manhattanhenge

Did you know…


Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons

Manhattanhenge (also known as Manhattan Solstice) is a phenomenon known for the setting sun aligns with Manhattan’s east-west streets. It gives a dramatic effect which has been compared to the same phenomenon at England’s ancient Stonehenge. It is a favorite event for people to photograph in New York when it occurs. …Don’t Live near Manhattan; this same phenomenon actually happens in a lot of large cities. Why….because most cities are laid out in a grid pattern with few to no curvy roads.

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To all the shutterbugs…Happy Shooting!

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  1. Dennis Wagoner

    Yeah, we have the same thing here – except it is when the highway lines up with the sunset and hits me in the face on the way home from work! I do not have any pictures yet, but it will be a great one (as long as I am not driving directly into it!)

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