Photography Mistakes: Stop Screwing Up Your Shots!

Professional photographer, Joshua Cripps hilariously discusses some of the most common mistakes that are made in photography while on a shoot. Here is the checklist he discusses during the video that helps him avoid the worst mistakes.

Before the Shoot
– Charge battery in the camera, spare in the bag
– Empty memory card in the camera, spare in the bag
– Camera set to shoot raw
– Picture size to large
– Picture control to your preference (neutral is mine)
– ISO set to desired value, usually 100
– Camera in right mode (aperture priority or manual)
– Shutter release set to your preference (single or mirror up)

During the Shoot
– Once composition is set, lock down tripod legs, ball head, and camera plate
– Check focus and depth of field
– Before each shot inspect lens and filters for dust or water drops
– After each shot review your histogram and highlight warning, adjust exposure or bracket if necessary
– Check the corners and edges of each shot for distracting elements or important elements that are cut off
– Check for lens flare
– Bracket a few shots for white balance
– If shoot moving objects, try different shutter speeds

After the Shoot
Celebrate your kick ass shot!

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