Inspiration from the Arts

My step-mom shared this photo with me the other day on Facebook and I fell in love with it instantly. With the defunding of art program in our schools and the decrease of foot traffic in local museums because of the ease of the internet, it makes me wonder if people realize just how much of an impact art has in their life. Art comes in many forms, such as dance, music, visual arts, writing, even fashion and culinary. Imagine your life with no colorful and stylish clothing to wear each day.

Imagine driving to work with no music to listen to while sitting in endless traffic. Imagine no television to watch in your down time or food mixtures to eat each day. Imagine there are no books to enjoy or any context to read. Imagine no color and perceptions decorating the walls of your home or office. It would be an extremely bleak world without art and the creativity of people. In fact, I’m almost positive we would be still living in caves and hunting for our food each day if it wasn’t for art and creativity. Creativity is what inspires imagination and creations, every invention that we have at our disposal is all steamed from someone’s creative mind.

Tell me what inspires you about art? Is there a medium such as photography, writing or painting that you are drawn to?

I don’t know who the child is in the photograph but the painting is of Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova and it was created in 1911 by John Lavery. The photograph is a beautiful candid capture of a little girl trying to mimic the graceful romantic pose Anna Pavlova was doing in the painting. This captured moment speaks for itself, it’s priceless. Art is an expression and is created from the heart of an artist. As an artist myself I want to share my perception of the world to the world. To me, this simple photograph is proof that creativity doesn’t stop with the artist who creates the piece of work; it can inspire the creativity in others. Art, no matter what the medium type, can spark the imagination and creativity in others at any age; I hope that little girl never loses her imagination and spirit.


Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova created by John Lavery, 1911

4 thoughts on “Inspiration from the Arts

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    This painting is in the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow. I took a photo of my little sister doing the exact same thing in front of it. Of course, my sister was 34 at the time. 🙂

  2. First Night Design

    You put it well. It astounds me that so many people don’t realise how dreary and uninspiring their lives would be if arts in all its forms didn’t exist. It always makes me so angry, particularly when it comes to politicians!

  3. Jean Reinhardt

    I love it. Lavery was one of Ireland’s greatest painters and his wife, Hazel, was his muse. You can see how much he loved her in his paintings of her. Thanks for sharing this lovely image.

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