Sea Turtle with Straw up its Nostril

*****WARNING: inappropriate/ strong language!******

This video is just one example of why plastic trash is detrimental to marine life and why especially drinking straws are one of the most useless items made out of plastic.  When I am out on my shoots I always see signs of humans and picking up trash. This poor creature, I wonder how long it had the straw up it’s nose. We as a society need to be more mindful of what we use and how we dispose of it. Please check out the links below to see how you can help!

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What can you do?

Organize your own clean ups!
An amazing plastic clean-up project is the TWO HANDS PROJECT, collect trash and post it on facebook!



6 thoughts on “Sea Turtle with Straw up its Nostril

  1. circadianreflections

    Oh my gosh! I hope its shoulder is okay, as well as its nose interior! This was very painful to watch. I wondered the whole time if a Marine Biologist/vet wouldn’t have been a better option to remove the straw? I am not going to use plastic straws anymore!

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