Art From an American Backyard

This is a pretty interesting article that I read on National Geographic the other day. The article is about nature photography / Artist Joshua White who growing up in southeastern Indiana and had a fascination for bugs. As his fascination with the details of the small world grew so did his obsession to capture the details in his project “A Photographic Survey of the American Yard.” Its sepia-toned photographs and design layout resemble the elegant, hand-drawn scientific catalogs of species of the 19th century.  To read more about Joshua’s nature photo project: National Geographic


Top row, from left: Black-eyed Susan, Rudbeckia fulgida; Horsefly, Tabanidae; Centipede, Chilopoda Middle row, from left: Clematis flower bud, Clematis; Toad, Anaxyrus; Canna lily fruit (dissected), Canna Bottom row, from left: Garden snail shell, Gastropoda; Crow garlic, Allium vineale; Stone fly, Perlidae

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