Photo Quickie: Be Selective

A landscape photograph of the sandbars that are visible at low tide at Cape Henlopen State Park during sunset. This image won second place in the Delaware Beach Life Photo contest and was on published in the Oct 2013 edition of Delaware Beach Life Magazine. Photograph was created by Melissa Fague.

Photo Quickie: Be Selective

Be Selective. Your photo shoots will be much more fruitful if you spend time on one or two locations rather than to race around to multiple locations. This is true for any type of photography but most especially for Landscape Photography. A great shot of one place beats several mediocre ones of many. This approach allows you to be creative and stay focused on your subject rather than focusing on the time you allowed yourself. Once you have recorded the image you were thinking about, try something different. Change your perspective by climbing a tree or wading out to the middle of a stream. Check your foreground for flowers or other object that would other wise go unnoticed by average tourists.  Try another lens or a slow shutter speed.  Most importantly watch the light; watch how the light changes the landscape and your subject as time goes on. You may be surprised at the results and you will often capture something more than what postcards and brochures show. Your images will be original and quite personal, which adds value to them.

Image Info:

Title: Sandbars
Photographer: Melissa Fague
Copyright: ©2013 Copyright Melissa Fague all rights reserved

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