Photo Quickie: Shapes and Colors

Under the Pier Photographed by Melissa Fague - Landscape Photography

Photo Quickie: Shapes and Colors

Since our eyes naturally look for details, it can be hard to focus on the color or shape of an object. However, if you can refine the skill of noticing the shapes and colors you can enhance your photographs tremendously. Incorporating shapes and colors as the focal point into your artwork will increase the WOW factor of your photographs without people ever knowing fully why they were draw to the image so much.

Take the landscape photograph, Under the Pier, for example, Where are your eyes drawn to? If you said the blue square at the end of the pier you are correct.

When shooting squint a bit; the details of the object will blur and you will see things as masses shape and or color. Once you see it compose / align  the image based on the outline of the shape or the colors.

Image Info:

Photographer: Melissa Fague
Copyright: ©2013 Copyright Melissa Fague all rights reserved