Photo Quickie: Long Exposure

Windy Beach is a black and white landscape photograph of Cape Henlopen State park located in Lewes Delaware. This image won 2nd place in the Delmarva On View 2014 Photo Contest and was recently on exhibited at the Lewes Public Library in Delaware. Photograph created by Melissa Fague.

Photo Quickie: Long Exposure

When creating long exposures image, its best to use a remote release to avoid camera movement. If you do not have a remote release, the next best thing to use is the camera’s self-timer. Also set your camera to Mirror-up, when you click the shutter the first time the mirror will rise and lock into position; hit the shutter release button again to open the shutter. This allows time for the vibrations that the mirror makes to stop…. And don’t forget be mindful of any breeze that might be moving your subject.

Image Info:

Photographer: Melissa Fague
Copyright: ©2014 Copyright Melissa Fague all rights reserved

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