Happy Anniversary To Me!


Today I celebrate a day like no other. It is not a celebration of a relationship or of a happy moment in life. It’s a celebration of the day my life changed forever. Six years ago today I almost lost my life. My children almost lost a mother, my brothers almost lost a sister, and my parents almost lost a daughter all because of a simple text message. I am physically as well as mentally changed forever because of it. However, I celebrate today because that accident, as bad as it was, also changed my perception, taught me amazing lessons, catapulted me back into school and into a new career that I am passionate about. Through all of the damage that occurred, all of the surgeries and thousands of hours in physical therapy I made a choice (and stuck with it) to not only make the best of the situation but to use it to succeed in my life and its working.

Six years ago today I almost lost my life in a car accident due to another individual texting while driving and I will never be the same again but that is okay…. In fact, it’s fantastic. I am not angry with her for her bad choices. In all honesty, I  believe that if it was not for that accident I would have never learned about myself, my family, my friends, my full strengths and my passions. So, in a way I am thankful for her choice.


I have written about my story before and I don’t share it for pity, I share it to inspire others. I share my story because there are so many negative things that happen in life and it is easy to fall into a rut because of it. I share my story because it is easy to give up on yourself without support.  I share my story because it  was (and still is) one of the scariest (but yet rewarding) things I have ever endured. I share my story because none of us will ever walk through life without change…you can’t fight it, it is inevitable. Some of the things we encounter will be beautiful while others will be traumatic but I am here to say that the trauma does not last. Trauma can be used to create something beautiful, trauma can teach you to truly appreciate the beautiful things, the hearts of others, and it is what makes moments in life priceless.

If it were not for my car accident I’m 99% positive that I would not be on my journey to becoming a world-renowned landscape and nature photographer. I am just as positive that I would not own an art gallery that is about to take on other artists in several fields. I truly believe I would never have seen the courage and strength in myself nor would I ever had invested in myself on so many levels.  Granted, I am nowhere close to being done but I have come a long way and I am proud of the choices I have made over the past six years. And for the scars I have on my body and the remaining damage to my spine, I am becoming proud of them too…they are proof that wounds heal and challenges can be overcome.


To read the full story of my journey please visit: In the Beginning: How My Photographic Journey Began and please visit the gallery at: Pi Photography And Fine Art.

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