How to Decorate Your Living Room

Your living room is one of the main focal points of your home. When most people visit this, besides the kitchen, is the room that people gather in the most. So creating a functional room with your personal style is key. The ambiance of a living room allows for you to be more diversified when it comes to choosing the type of photographs or artwork you hang in there. Bold bright colored photographs or artwork are wonderful additions to the living room and they tend to offset the formality found in most traditional living rooms.


Go Big!

A living room tends to be one of the larger rooms of the home so you can go for a much larger sized photograph or piece of artwork without overwhelming the room and your guests. Bigger is always better especially if a large piece of furniture is under it, such as a sofa or a fire place. The low profile of a sofa leaves you with a substantial amount of empty space on the wall, so go big! Clusters of photographs and artwork (wall collages) also work well in the living room.

Don’t Break the Bank

You don’t need to take out a second mortgage to have beautiful photographs or artwork in your home. I find the work of Ansel Adams and Edvard Munch to be stunning but in my opinion their work is too recognizable and have become a tad boring because of all the reproductions. Not to mention that in order to buy an original I would need to take out a second mortgage on my home, sell my car, a kidney and possibly my left leg… just kidding I need my car ;). There are many photographers and artists working today whose art is compelling, beautiful, and even affordable.

Natures Beauty Framed

Search the internet for a photographer or artist whose style really strikes your emotions. With today’s technology you can easily choose from a wide selection of prints or even obtain the artist’s original work before they are famous. You may even get lucky and find that the photographer or artist is in your home town. If you are a more hands on kind of shopper, you could also visit art fairs and festivals in your area.

There are several other perks to purchasing photographs and artwork from lesser known artists than the upfront cost (and hours spent refinancing your home). These photographs and pieces of artwork give you a conversational piece with your guests because your guests have more than likely never heard of the artist or seen the piece of artwork. Secondly, you would be helping support the arts and possibly your local economy. Finally, “lesser known” now does not mean the artist will be obscure forever. Meaning, if you purchase original photographs and piece of artwork from the artist those pieces could very well be worth a fortune one day.

Whatever medium you choose to finish off your living room, be sure that the artist’s work and style really “speak” to you.

Image Info:
Top Image: Landscape Photograph Sunset and Breakwater Lighthouse
Bottom Image: Nature Photograph – Nature’s Beauty
Both are available for purchase.