Photo Quickie: From The Start

Windy Beach is a black and white landscape photograph of Cape Henlopen State park located in Lewes Delaware. This image won 2nd place in the Delmarva On View 2014 Photo Contest and was recently on exhibited at the Lewes Public Library in Delaware. Photograph created by Melissa Fague.

Photo Quickie: The Sky

Most landscape photographs will either have a dominant foreground or sky visible to show scale and grandeur. If you have a bland, boring sky with no features; then don’t let it dominate your shot.  Place the horizon in the upper third of your shot and find something interesting about the foreground instead of the sky being the focal point. However if the sky is filled with dramatic cloud formations or colors let the sky dominate the image. If you have the ability you could also consider enhancing skies either in post production or with the use of filters like a polarizing filter.

Image Info:
Title: Windy Beach
Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Landscape Photography
Get Prints or License: PI Photography and Fine Art