Photo Quickie: Investing in Lights

Photo Quickie: Investing In Lights
If you’re doing any kind of photography investing in a pair of lights always helps you improve your creativity; but its really important when you are shooting indoor photographs because of the low lighting. Invest in a cheap pair of lights will reduce your lighting issues and help create a soft glow though out the room. If possible try to get an inexpensive complete set, with tripod stands and reflectors to direct the light. Continuous light sets are cheaper than flash sets and they are easy to use; so they’re great for beginners.

I love my one (yes one) local camera store but to be honest when I was in school my shooting and equipment budget was “shoestring”, so finding lighting at an affordable price was hard to do in my area. I resorted to the internet and I found a great site called Discount Tommy. I purchased several sets from there that were shipped to my home within days.


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  1. Steven Goodenbour

    Have you had any experience with LimoStudio Lighting equipment or LincoStudio Lighting equipment? I bought a umbrella lighting kit with black and white reflector umbrellas from LimoStudio and a pair of soft boxes from LincoStudio.

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