Photography Quickie

Beautiful landscape photographs are not just about the subject in the photograph. Most of the time landscape photographs are often defined and admired for the quality of light that they were taken in. Most people view the world during normal daylight hours, which has less contrast, as a consequence most people tend to overlook these photographs and even consider then mundane or flat.

In order for a landscape photograph to compel  the viewers, a photographer will need to shoot the subject in a different perspective that the audience has never seen before or at the very least rarely. One way to create compelling landscape photographs is to shoot early in the morning or during late afternoons when the sun is lower, or even during twilight. Each time period of the day will offer up something different in your subject matter, these time periods are called “The Magic Hours”.  The magic hours will give you more contrast in your scene and a variety of mood altering hues to work with that just aren’t present midday.

The same concept holds true to other fields of photography as well, if you add contrast you show depth and interest.

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