Photography Quickie Landscapes and Man-Made Elements

Landscapes and Man-Made Elements

Patriotic Barn in Field is a landscape photograph of an aging barn painted with patriot colors and star decorations on the wall. The weathered barn and house stand in the middle of a dried field of crops with a backdrop of colorful autumn foliage. The image was created because I loved how the early morning light covered the foliage and facade of the barn as I drove past on my way home from the beach. This image was created along the roadside of Route 1, in Delaware somewhere near Milton. This image is available in several versions; Aged Glass Plate Texture Vintage Black and White Texture Aged Traditional Color

Great landscape and nature photography is not always about finding the most picturesque scene with only natural elements. Part of the beauty I find in our world is the ability to exist with in nature. Even though there is a lot of damage caused by mankind, there are also very beautiful scenes in the world that mankind has touched and inhabit with minimal damage. Take a look at the effects of man on the landscape near your home and use them as photographic subjects. The incorporation of man made objects in your landscape can help create balance of life in the image and it could help the viewer connect to the scene.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, sharing the damage man creates in the landscape could create environmental awareness of a situation. Don’t be afraid to capture and share what you see; even if it is less than favorable scene.

trash sandy

Trash that was left on the higher grade of a river bank after the flooding of Hurricane Sandy 2012

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