Showing the Beautiful Side of Wilmington – Stop The Violence Photo Project

Wilmington at Sunrise is a landscape photograph of a hot and hazy summer morning with the sun rising just over the city of Wilmington, Delaware to create silhouettes of the buildings.   Title: Wilmington at Sunrise Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Landscape PhotographyDelaware Photographers of All Levels,

I’m sure you have seen the articles in the News Journal and on TV about the TV series “Murder Town”. Personally, I am fed up with the violence that has been happening here and it over shadowing the good things our great state has to offer. I am not sure if it has affected your business or your shooting areas but it has mine. I shoot all over the state but a lot of my time is spent in Wilmington for both art and portraits. Lately, people do not want to go near the parks of Wilmington because of the high crime rate and since I normally shoot my art alone, safety is much more of a concern than normal.

With this new show possibly being filmed in Wilmington I am disheartened and embarrassed. We as photographers will be up against even more resistance and safety hazards, not to mention that our entire state could get a bad rap (more than it already has) for all of the violence happening.  I don’t know about you but I am proud to be a Delawarean; it is a place I have called home for 30 years and I find that it’s a beautiful state with great communities.

I am reaching out to you today because I need your help.  As photographers we see the world differently than everyone else, our perspective can influence situations and bring light to issues; that means we can influence positive change too. I would like to create a movement to bring the beauty back to our great state… Photographers should be the only ones shooting people ;).

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, semi-pro, hobbyist, or an amateur photographer. Nor does it matter what field of photography you shoot to participate in this project; you can even share your family photos from the zoo. All I ask is that you photographs represent something wonderful about Delaware.

Join me by sharing your photographs of the state, or happened in the state (especially Wilmington) to protest the violence. Share them on any social media site for your followers and invite them to participate too…let’s see how much positive influence photographers can have.

Tag your photographs with: #stoptheviolencewilmington #leavetheshootingtous #sharethebeauty #thebeautyofdelaware #bringinglight

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1 thought on “Showing the Beautiful Side of Wilmington – Stop The Violence Photo Project

  1. Jon Fague

    Hi. Hopefully your idea works, but till then you better take some armed guards with you to take pics in Wilm. Notice I didn’t use the word shoot !! LOL. But things like that are happening all over the country with all the unemployment  and now with thousands of refugees coming into the US  it’s only going to get worse.We need the borders closed NOW and ship all non documented people the hell back where they came from, and start employing Americans. Enough bitching for today. Love yaDad

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