Art for Gifts what is your opinion

Hello everyone,

I need your help, my boyfriend and I are having a playful disagreement on whether or not a piece of art is a good gift to give for the holidays and we are in deadlock. Please help us end this little disagreement.   We would like to know your opinion, Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Art for Gifts what is your opinion

  1. socialbridge

    I think it totally depends on who the recipient is and whether or not he/she is into artwork. Having said that, a voucher for same allowing the person to chose might introduce them into a whole new world that they could come to love.

  2. Jam

    Personally I would LOVE a great piece of art (a photograph or a print) as a present. Something that would get me thinking of why the artist painted it, what they were thinking, what emotion they are trying to convey, how it makes me feel. So many questions…

    That said, as socialbridge said, it totally depends on the recipient and whether this is the sort of thing they would appreciate!
    Good luck!

  3. Cheryle

    It depends on the person. Some people will treasure an artwork above a standard gift but for others the lack of value they give can be heartbreaking so choose the gift that will best fit the recipient would be my advice.

  4. gtonthenet

    It’s a difficult choice and depends on the person receiving the gift. I printed some photos of the dogs of some close relatives of ours, but I just gave them the prints, knowing that they were very clear about the decor of their house, and I reasoned that frames were a personal thing and part of that. They appreciated that and chose some very nice frames that they liked (but interestingly, probably not what I would have chosen). Food for thought.

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