You Might be a Photographer…

You Might be a Photographer…

…if you’ve planned family vacations around landscapes or subject you want to photograph.

Pixley Falls Landscape Photograph created by Nature and landscape photographer Melissa Fague

Pixley Falls Landscape Photograph by Melissa Fague

1 thought on “You Might be a Photographer…

  1. allthoughtswork

    I feel you. Something I’ve been experimenting with, though, is going on my walks without my camera and just appreciating everything I see, knowing that there is a neverending supply of beauty coming my way and I will never run out. I think there’s a bit of FOMO in every shutterbug, pro or no.

    My efforts have been rewarded. One day at dawn, just before the sun cleared the hill behind me, a massive–MASSIVE–triple (yes, triple) rainbow filled the valley below the high trail I was on. It was so electrically, radioactively bright, I thought it would cast a shadow. Because I didn’t have a camera, I paused for nearly thirty minutes and really soaked in the memory. To this day, I can still feel it.

    None of my photos feel like that.

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