Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

Fall Leaf in the Morning Sun Nature Photography by Nature and Landscape Photographer Melissa Fague
Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

One of the beautiful things of landscape and nature photography is finding the beauty, hope, mystery, and wonder in some of the simplest of items such as an autumn leaf glowing from the rising sun in the background. This photograph was created one morning in my backyard while I let my dogs out on their runners. I was still in my slippers and PJs, I don’t even think I had my morning coffee yet. I stood and admired the golden glow of the sun shine on the early morning autumn dew that rested on the grass and the interesting way the leaves fell from the large tree. All of the leaves seemed to stand in between the blades of grass instead of falling onto of them, so I grabbed my camera and laid in the yard to capture the moment. Every time I look at this nature photo I get a feeling optimism.

Image Info:

Title: Fall Leaf in Morning Sun
Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Nature Photography
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3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

  1. Olga

    Lovely photo, Melissa. Your capture of the glorious sun rays in the background and the glitter of dewdrops amidst the golden glow speaks optimism to me. What a perky leaf!

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