Photography 101: Filters for Landscape Photography

One surefire way to get  the best possible landscape photograph is to use lens filters; they are like sunglasses for your camera lens. Two filter types that a lot of photographers use while shooting landscapes are:

Polarizing filters which darken the sky (bring out the blues in contrast to the pure white of the clouds).

Neutral Density (ND) filters which prevent too much light from entering the camera. This type of filter is useful on bright days or when the camera is unable to give you the slow shutter speed you desire or needed to create your photography.

Red Barn in Golden Field is a landscape photograph of a beautiful red barn in the center of a golden field of dried crops. This photograph was created in Middletown, Delaware in the early morning hours of the fall season before the last cutting of the crops. This image is also available in Black and White, Vintage Black and White, as well as with a Colorized effect. Title: Red Barn in Golden Field Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Landscape PhotographyAbout the Photographer:

Melissa Fague is an emerging nature and landscape photographer from Bear, Delaware USA. In just a few short years her work has been published over two dozen times and she has won multiple national and international awards for her beautiful photographs. Her most recent accomplishment is her first published in an international publication with a worldwide distribution, “Landscape Photography Magazine”. Melissa is passionate about the art of photography and nature. Exploring areas and creating photographs is her form of stress relief and art therapy, but she also loves to share her visions so that others can enjoy. All of Melissa’s beautiful nature and landscape photographs are available for purchase on multiple mediums, such as signed limited edition canvas gallery wraps, Limited and signed fine art prints and traditional reproductions wall art to accent your home or office decor. Also in the realm of office and home décor, a selection of Melissa’s photographs are available on decorative items. All photographic prints and home / office décor items can be found on PIPA Fine Art.

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