Photography 101: Read the Landscape

Read the Landscape

Mist of Valley Forge is a black and white landscape photograph of the vast open fields of Valley Forge National Park on a cold, misty November day. In the distance stands a single tiny log cabin among the tall trees. Title: Mist of Valley Forge Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Landscape PhotographyReading the landscape is best practiced in two parts. First, study the landscape you plan to photograph through the internet. Next find the optimal time for your landscape or nature photo shoot and look for the positioning of the sun through the use of a sun calculator.  Once your on the scene of your nature or landscape photography shoot check to see if your estimations were correct with the lighting and other objects on the scene. If the light isn’t really communicating what you like or there are other objects intruding your scene (like a car or other unforeseen object) than try changing your position or perspective to your anchor (focal point of your photograph).


About the Photographer:

Melissa Fague is an emerging nature and landscape photographer from Bear, Delaware USA. In just a few short years her work has been published over two dozen times and she has won multiple national and international awards for her beautiful photographs. Her most recent accomplishment is her first published in an international publication with a worldwide distribution, “Landscape Photography Magazine”. Melissa is passionate about the art of photography and nature. Exploring areas and creating photographs is her form of stress relief and art therapy, but she also loves to share her visions so that others can enjoy. All of Melissa’s beautiful nature and landscape photographs are available for purchase on multiple mediums, such as signed limited edition canvas gallery wraps, Limited and signed fine art prints and traditional reproductions wall art to accent your home or office decor. Also in the realm of office and home decor, a selection of Melissa’s photographs are available on decorative items. All photographic prints and home / office decor items can be found on PIPA Fine Art.

To read Melissa’s full story on how she became a landscape and nature photographer please visit: In the Beginning.