Flatten Folded or Rolled Paper Documents and Photograph

There is something special about old photographs, news papers and historic documents. I could spend hours looking through them all. I simply love the contrast that they show and how much we have evolved over the years as a society. Some of the photographs and documentation show when life might have been much simpler and carefree; while others make me grateful for the growth that we have had through out the years. But historical documentation will not last if it is not handled properly.

My sister in law recently found a rolled photograph in the floorboards of her attic, the house was build back in the early 20’s . Because of the heat of the attic and the amount of years it laid there it was apparent that the photo needed some help in order to be viewed. However, the only historic photographs that were that dated we had ever seen were preserved in the public archives so we resorted to Google to find out how to flatten it without causing further damage to it.  We found a very helpful article from the Department of Interior that we would like to share with you. It’s pretty lengthy but like I said it was informative.  We’ll let you know how it turns out; hopefully we can find a little history behind the photograph. To read how you can Flatten Folded or Rolled Paper Documents.