Photography 101: Have Something to Say

If you want your nature and landscape photographs to be more powerful then you must have something to say. Photography is a visual form of storytelling. The difference between writing a story and a photograph is you only get one page to tell your story with photography and several to several hundred pages for a book. So inside that one photograph you must have something meaningful to communicate to your audience.

Landscape Photography: Abandoned House on Adams Dam Rd by Nature and landscape Photographer Melissa Fague

In order to capture the right essence of the scene you will have to study it. You’ll have to stand still and “see” the way light changes the contours and shapes of your scene or subject. As the sun moves across the sky, it light will dramatically change the features of your subject; revealing some features and hiding others. It took me some time to see that the light gives the landscapes and natural elements of the world their voices, moods and emotions. This voice is one of the key factors that separate photography into two parts; snapshots to document an object or scene and art that speaks to the viewer.


Abandoned House Snapshot

Example 1
Title: Abandoned House on Adams Dam Rd
Studied and worked the scene for 30 – 45 minutes.

Example 2
Snapshot: Abandoned House in Virginia
Taken in passing at 60 miles an hour on a road trip.



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