Peter Lik Photography Origins Video Documentary

A beautiful documentary of my favorite nature and landscape photographer, Peter Lik. I found his work while I was in school and I have been following it since. His passion and skills have always inspired me to keep pushing on my own photography career but his backstory and drive makes his work so much more impressive. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

Published by: Peter Lik

Peter Lik’s family heritage has always played a big role in his life and photography career. His parents were hardworking Czech immigrants who bravely voyaged to Australia in search of a better life. A free life. Growing up in Australia, Peter fell in love with photography at the age of 8 after taking his first photograph of a spider web. Years later, in 1984, Peter would make his own fateful voyage to America, where he became permanently enamored with the diverse beauty of all 50 United States – reflected brilliantly in his renowned collection, Spirit of America. Since that time, over 300 international awards and honors from the world’s top institutions have marked a career of incredible achievement. Peter’s work has not only changed the way we view the world, it has boldly pushed the boundaries of fine art. With studios based in Las Vegas and 13 galleries spread across the United States, Lik has established himself as a leading fine art photographer in the world. For more on Peter Lik and the LIK Galleries, visit our website: