Landscape Photography Tip: Arrive Early / Stay Late

Driftwood and Sandbars is a landscape photograph that was captured on the shore of the Delaware River at low tide one evening. The image was created to showcase the ripples of the sandbars of the river bed with a piece of washed up driftwood resting on it. The standing water between the ripples of sandbars captures the pinks and blues of the sky as the sun sets in the south. Colors of the image are blues, pinks, browns, and yellowish orange. Title: Driftwood and Sandbars Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Landscape PhotographyArrive Early and Stay Late

Mother nature has a way of presenting her beauty when she feels like it. When shooting your nature and landscape photographs, arrive on the scene early and leave the scene late. Getting to the location of your landscape and nature shoot early allows you time to find the best possible location, position, and set up time. Both arriving and leaving the scene of the nature and landscape photo shoots allows you time to view the scene in lighting that others would dismiss, giving you the opportunity to photograph the “unseen” world. This is one of the compositional elements that gives landscape photography it WOW factor.


About the Author and Photographer:


Melissa Fague is an emerging nature and landscape photographer from Bear, Delaware USA. In just a few short years her work has been published over two dozen times and she has won multiple national and international awards for her beautiful photographs. Her most recent accomplishment is her first published photograph in an international publication with a worldwide distribution, “Landscape Photography Magazine”. Melissa is passionate about the art of photography and nature. Exploring areas and creating photographs is her form of stress relief and art therapy, but she also loves to share her visions so that others can enjoy. Her goal is to one day be ranked among the most famous nature photographers in the world. All of Melissa’s nature and landscape photographs are available for purchase, visit Pi Photography and Fine Art.

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