Understanding Your Emotions in Business for Artists and Photographers

Yesterday I came across an amazing show called Creative Live by Photographer Chase Jarvis that totally blew my mind. Yesterday was my scheduled office day of work so I left his YouTube channel up and allowed a variety of videos play in the background as I worked on blog posts and photo edits.

In the series Chase interviews a variety of creative business owners on their growth in their industries. During the interviews each guest answers a variety of questions on where their story began, the pitfalls they came across and how they over came the obstacles in their careers.

I will be sharing more of Chase’s series in the coming weeks. Today’s video is Chase’s interview with Brené Brown, it was the first of the series that I watched. She provides a lot of insight on the emotional factors of being not only a creative but a business owner, and well… a human being. Brené and Chase also talk about how those emotional factors (our own inner voice) could be the most damaging to our decision making in business, to the art that we create and the reactions to the people we encounter in life.  I hope you enjoy this video; I found it to be extremely helpful.

Brené Brown on CreativeLive | Chase Jarvis LIVE | ChaseJarvis

Published on May 9, 2016 By: Chase Jarvis