Photographer in the Spotlight: İlhan Eroglu Day 2

Today’s Spotlight Photograph: Landscape Photo – Sunrise over Bromo

Sunrise over Bromo by İlhan Eroglu on

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Photographer in the Spotlight: Nature and Landscape Photographer İlhan Eroglu

This week we chose to showcase landscape and nature photographer İlhan Eroglu from İzmir, Türkiyeİlhan’s work caught my eye because of the bold coloring in  his landscape and nature photographs as we as his choice in subject matter. We hope you enjoy İlhan‘s photos in this week’s Photographer in the Spotlight. Check back each day to see the 7 photographs of İlhan‘s nature and landscape photos that we selected to spotlight and don’t forget, you can nominate yourself or your favorite photographer at: PI Photography and Fine Art.

İlhan‘s Artist Statement and Bio

A photographer with passion for travel… My photos, my travels…

…yes it looks like he is a man of little words…but his amazing photos make up for it ;).

Where You Can Find or Follow İlhan’s Work


Several months ago PI Photography and Fine Art rolled out with a new series of blog posts called Photographer in the Spotlight. For a full week we will showcase the bio, artist statement and seven images of a selected landscape and nature photographer’s work that we found most interesting. Our hope is that our audience not only sees the beautiful work created by these passionate photographers but also learn a little about the artists behind the pieces. There are so many wonderful photographers in the world and a lot of the time we only see the photograph, not the artist.  So we thought it would be nice to show appreciation for the artist, for their dedication to their field, and share some of their work along the way.

Think about it, if it wasn’t for the artist then there would be no art to admire and honestly, life would be pretty boring without it! So show your appreciation to them for spicing up your life and showing you their beautiful perception of the world. Share their stories and captivating work for others to experience.

If you would like to be showcased or know a landscape or nature photographer who should be, please submit the info through our contact us page: Photographer in the Spotlight Submissions


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