Own Your Dreams, Own Your Life

Over the years as my business has grown I have shared some of the struggles of learning the skills of nature and landscape photography, learning the world of business, as well as the struggles with creating a business of my passion and the conflicts of a personal life outside of business. Honestly, some of the struggles that I have gone through (sometimes still do) relate to personal doubt. Ultimately, I continue on over the struggles because I know at some point I will be truly successful in my career as a professional photographer…. At some point my business will be strong enough to pass on to my children, my grandchildren…and possibly my great grandchildren.  Yes, I want a legacy. I want to be as infamous of a photographer as Ansel Adams.

Recently, my brother shared this video on Facebook and I watched it in tears. The reason I share is because so much of what Prince Ea states is true. I have heard my own family members state that they’re envious of my courage to try, they state their regrets for never investing in their own dreams and they wish they could take it back. My replies have always been it’s never to late to try. Yes, it is hard to balance everything. Yes, there are pitfalls, roadblocks, and sometimes cliffs that need to be leaped over but I can honestly say the struggle is worth it.

I share this because I would like nothing more than for you to have the  courage in yourself to reach for your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a photographer, a writer, a builder, a cook, a doctor, or ever the president… whatever your passion is go for it!

Own your dreams, own your life!