Wall Decorating Tips: 10 Decorating Tips for Tackling Tall Walls


Soaring ceilings may seem like a dream, but decorating the blank wall expanses that support ceiling height can be a challenge. Still, you don’t have to sacrifice coziness because your walls are tall. Timeless techniques can bring warmth and interest to your sky-high rooms. Here’s how.

1. Hang vertical artwork. A perfect complement to tall walls is vertical artwork. A single bold image, a large gallery wall grouping or a contemporary installation are great ways to connect your extra height to the rest of the interior. Mixing sizes and imagery detracts from a monochrome field of painted drywall, and takes a room from sterile to welcoming by visually bringing the walls inward.

2. Size up. One of the easiest ways to warm up a tall wall is to scale up your artwork to complement it. Larger horizontal pieces are powerful enough to balance the emptiness without overpowering the room. You can use the color and subject matter to make the room feel more personal and less institutional.

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