Wall Decorating Tip By Lara Sargent: Wake Up Your Bathroom Decor With a Gorgeous Statement Wall

By:  Published September 23, 2014
You might be tempted to play it safe when it comes to bathroom walls and opt for plain white tiles or just a simple lick of paint. But perhaps it’s time to unlock your creative side and install a wall with a wow factor, be it an intricate pattern of metallic tiles or a sturdy slice of decorative stone. Try just one wall of color or pattern, or go all-out on four walls with serious attitude and style. Keep the rest of your bathroom plain and neutral and let your wonder wall do its work.

A Modern Miami Home contemporary-bathroom

Bathroom walls have come a long way from the days of simply slapping on some paint or hanging tiles. This resin art panel has been digitally printed with an oversize image of a blue agate to give a fresh spin on the coastal look. … Read Full Article

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