Wall Decorating Tips from Laura Gaskill: What Goes With Dark Walls?

What Goes With Dark Walls?
By:  December 23, 2014

Dark walls, from inky blue to charcoal and black, are refined and dramatic — but decorating around them without making your space feel too dark can be tricky. If you’ve been thinking of painting one or more walls a deep, dark hue, these ideas for color and decor pairings should help.

Natural wood. Natural wood, whether in a mirror frame, rustic tabletop or chair, helps lighten up dark walls while also emphasizing their richness. You can’t go wrong with a driftwood or barn wood mirror, a farmhouse table or bentwood chairs.

Sculptural shapes. Place anything colorful or white in front of a dark wall, and your eye will be immediately drawn to its contours. Try placing a group of pottery pieces on a console or mantel. Or highlight the shape of an unusual table or chair by positioning it in front of a deep, dark wall.

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