Photographer in the Spotlight: Janne Kahila Day 7

Today’s Spotlight Photograph: Landscape Photo – Cliffs of Kallur

Cliffs of Kallur by Janne Kahila on

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Photographer in the Spotlight: Landscape Photographer Janne Kahila

This week we chose to showcase professional landscape photographer Janne Kahila from Espoo, Finland. Janne‘s work was chosen for this week’s Photographer in the Spotlight series because of his amazing ability to capture the most detail in his mountainous landscape scenes. We hope you enjoy Janne’s landscape photographs as much as we do. Check back each day to see the 7 photographs of Janne’s work that we selected to spotlight and don’t forget, you can nominate yourself or your favorite photographer at: PI Photography and Fine Art.

Janne’s Artist Statement and Bio

A landscape photograph with landscape photographer Janne KahilaI’m a 26-year-old university student, hardworking data analyst, badminton player, traveling enthusiast and an overall tech geek.

I really like the technical side of photography and the attention to details my inner perfectionist can put into action in post processing. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques in the field and in post processing to create my kind of look to my photos.

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in licensing or otherwise using my photos or just go ahead and drop a line!

Where You Can Find or Follow Janne’s Work

Main Website

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