Wall Decorating Tip By Tiffany Carboni: Turn Up the Party Heat – the Sultry Decorating Secret

Give your home a warm and romantic vibe with candles at the entry, lined up along a wall, floating in martini glasses and more

By:  Published October 12, 2013

“Light a candle, and a cold room feels instantly warmer. A bad mood improves. A lovely fragrance arises, and an alluring scene is set. And all that can be accomplished with a single scented candle on any random night.

Put a little more effort into your candle selection and arrangement for a house party, and the effects can be even more impressive: Everyone looks great and feels sexy in the glow. Yep, even a house overrun by kids, pets and squeaky toys can be transformed into a den of sultriness with the help of candles. Here are some ideas for using candles — from the very simple to the over-the-top — for a sultry home soiree.”  … Read Full Article

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