Artist Featured Friday November 18th

Featured Friday


Acrylic Painter: Hemu Aggarwal
Landscape Photographer: Laurie Search
Nature Photographer: Julie Smith

The Girl – Full Image

By Acrylic Painter: Hemu Aggarwal
Found on Fine Art America

The Girl - Full Image by Acrylic Painter Hemu Aggarwal

I’d Walk A Thousand Miles

by Landscape Photographer: Laurie Search
Found on Fine Art America

I'd Walk A Thousand Miles by landscape photographer Laurie Search

Whale And Mermaid

by Nature Photographer: Julie Smith
Found on Fine Art America

Abstract landscape photograph Whale And Mermaid  by Julie Smith

We rolled out our new series of posts called “Featured Friday” a few weeks ago with great success. The objective of this series  is to help other artists gain exposure and grow their small businesses or online shops. We hope you enjoy the beautiful pieces of artwork and please be kind and check out their work, leave some feedback for them or share their work. Each photograph and the name of the artist is linked to their site or online store.

If you have a online art gallery and would like to be considered, please contact us with your product link, title and your full name. (Please only send messages through the contact us link above so we can keep all of the inquires in one location). Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Artist Featured Friday November 18th

  1. hemaggar

    Something strange happened! I shared on Facebook this announcement and instead showing MY WORK (which is first one) it shows – Whale And Mermaid by Nature Photographer: Julie Smith?? My friends are telling me its NOT MY WORK. What happened?

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